– from Pirandello to Iudice – 

edited by

Vittorio Sgarbi 

Palazzo Sant’Elia, Palermo

3 November – 26 December 2014

“A century of Sicilian art means, to a large extent, a century of Italian art. It is not the same for almost any other region, not for Emilia Romagna, Morandi and De Pisis notwithstanding; not for Tuscany, despite Soffici and Rosai; not for Rome, despite the two Roman schools. Twentieth-century Sicily, both in literature and in the figurative arts, gave a number of artists and writers who contributed in a decisive way to outlining the prevailing identity of Italian culture. […] Many lives, many experiences at the center of the world on an island out of this world.” Vittorio Sgarbi

From Pirandello to Iudice, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, with the artistic direction of Giovanni Lettini, brings together the most important Sicilian artistic production never seen before in one place. «A titanic project, by Gianni Filippini, creator and producer of the exhibition, which has already captured the attention of the most renowned national and international museums which wish to host the prestigious Sicilian collection. Expectations are high regarding an exhibition that has now reached the dimension of a museum: the Museum of Sicilian Art».
The works of these great protagonists attest to current artistic research and bring together a vision of their land as a place of meditation and conflict: Fausto Pirandello with his beaches, crowded bodies and confused flesh of sand, Giovanni Iudice with one of his documents more alive, speaking and current as “Humanity”; Renato Guttuso with “La Vucciria” with bright colors.


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26.12.2014 16.00 – 22.00

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